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Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Perhaps you play already but find tuning the instrument to be a tedious task. If so, check out this guitar tuner app that you can download and take on the go without adding to your gear.

Accurate Tone

Everyone knows how important it is that you have your instruments tuned before playing. Even if you are practicing alone, an untuned instrument will not perform properly and you will be teaching your ears and mind to accept incorrect notes.

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Guitar Tunings

If you plan to play your tunes in front of others, you will surely want the guitar to sound perfect. The problem that many musicians run into is carrying around some bulky tuner or trying to find a piano that is tuned to use. Instead of these cumbersome and time-consuming methods, you can take advantage of this incredible multi-feature app.

Accurate Pitch

First of all, you should know that it is extremely accurate, with the display being within 1/100th of a semitone. The readout is in cents, helping you to know exactly how far you are from hitting the note. Over time, this will improve the speed of your guitar tuning because you will be familiar with the degree of tightening necessary based on which string you are tuning, the age of the string, and the difference and direction of the cent reading.

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The user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to quickly grasp how to tune your guitar thanks to the UI design and 8 different tuning modes.

Save Money

Did we mentions that is completly FREE! and we are constantly making improvements


Check how this app looks like.

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See our app in action watch our short video to learn more about string guitar tuner app.

You can use the guitar tuner app to display how accurate your note is via a percentage. This is another fantastic way to gauge how close you are to getting the proper note with each string.

While you have the app open, you can also obtain an accurate reading for the current frequency of the note being played. Additionally, you can have it show the ideal frequency for the note.

Another feature of this fantastic guitar tuner app is the mic display. It will indicate the input level so you can determine if you are playing the notes too quietly or loudly.

Playing the guitar well demands multiple areas of attention. Whether you intend to perform alone in your garage or have dreams of being on stage in front of a crowd, you need to practice regularly on a well-tuned instrument.

Join the 21st century with this fantastic guitar tuner app that will provide you with multiple readings to better tune each string of your guitar.

As you familiarize yourself with it, you will be amazed that you ever tuned your guitar without it! Don't forget to tell your guitar playing friends about it too!

It always come handy when you're with friends or not near your guitar pedal effect and the accuracy is great i use it with my guitar and bass also thanks for this great app.

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Guitar & Bass Player

The variety of guitar tunings it has make it a great app I recommend it to all my students when they are starting out it definitely saves them money for strings or other accessories they might need.

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Guitar Teacher

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