String Guitar Tuner Launches New Guitar Tuner App For Android Smartphones

Summary: String Guitar Tuner has created a brand new android application that will enable people to accurately tune their guitars using a unique matching system for fine tuning. 

Las Vegas, United States – Guitars are the most popular instrument on earth. They are so ubiquitous because of their unique learning curve – they are accessible to begin playing and can be happily used with just three chords, yet encourage incredible complexity in virtuoso playing. None of this is possible of course if the guitar isn’t in tune, and even the sharpest ear is no match for technology. String Guitar Tuner has now launched an app for Android smartphones that enables people to tune their guitar quickly and accurately using their handheld device.

The new Guitar Tuner App is available for download now, and can be installed and ready to use in a matter of seconds. The app identifies the note the string is currently producing and has a 100-degree scale of accuracy, allowing for both tuning and fine tuning, so every note is perfect. The app includes eight different tuning modes for different instruments and styles of play.

The app is completely free to download, and the website has a detailed breakdown of the features and functions together with a video tutorial on how to use it. The result is a complete system that, once mastered, will help people tune their guitar in no time at all.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are thrilled to be launching this new android application for the benefit of users throughout the world. The new app is simple and easy to use, free to download, and we believe, the best possible way for people to tune their guitars. It frees people up from always having to have a bulky digital tuner with them, while still providing the accuracy in tuning people are afraid to lose. Having a perfectly tuned guitar is essential to producing the best sound, and we can help people achieve that to within 1/100th of a semitone.”

About String Guitar Tuner: String Guitar Tuner was created by a team of developers who wanted to help people be able to tune their string instruments easily and readily through the wonder of mobile technology. Using the microphone embedded in a smartphone, and its impressive processing power, their mobile app can help people get fast and accurate tuning for their guitar.